Asylum’ is a film dedicated to the children of Afghanistan Iraq Iran and other areas of human conflict. We have enabled young people who have been through unspeakable traumas, many of whom are still in pain, to show us their experiences through drama, art and music. By sharing their stories through their laughter and their tears, they are able to begin to heal some of their wounds.

The Charity ‘Youth Support’ has been working with young refugees and asylum seekers who arrive in foreign countries destitute and traumatised having often travelled illegally stowed away in lorries and containers. They are preyed on by ‘agents’ who traffic these ‘human commodities’ and force them to face life threatening ordeals. Sadly when they arrive in their new countries they do not always meet welcoming arms. They may face prejudice, lack of understanding and further abuse.

We held several days workshops based on psychodrama principles where we filmed groups of young people as they acted, painted, danced and played. Additional material was obtained from interviews and dramatisations and animation clips were put together using the youngsters’ original art work.

By allowing them to express their feelings we can improve our understanding of their cultures and difficulties and can work together to a positive future.

‘Asylum’ is a non-profit charitable production.

FORMS:Documentary, Short
GENRES:Drama, Children Live Action, Human Rights, Independent, Docu-Drama, Social Issue, News