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'Asylum' was filmed in workshops held at various locations throughout Britain and involved refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. 

It has beenshown in several venues including   in London; Glasgow; Liverpool; Los Angeles and other cities. New dates will be posted below and you can obtain further details via our contact form

Hopefully by publicising our work and the plight of these young people we will engender support for this very worthwhile cause.

So  where do we go from here?   Well 'Asylum' is just the beginning.   

Youth Support spent several weeks in Afghanistan finding out about the lives of the children, about the stresses facing young people in their everyday lives, about the ever present fear of violence and about the difficulties in obtaining an education.

During the making of 'Asylum' we found out why children become refugees and now we are researching solutions to try and prevent them from having to leave their countries.

There is also a book describing our work - Asylum Seeking Children; Including Adolescent Development and the Assessment of Age'  - Purchase Here

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London Screening:-   London BAFTA Premiere took place on 21st April 2010 - Pictures from our Red Carpet -  Links to press coverage

La Femme 'La Femme' Film Festival - The Short Charity Documentary ‘ASYLUM’ was selected for the prestigious La Femme Film Festival and was screened in Los Angeles on October 10th.

Park City Utah  

The Short Charity Documentary ‘ASYLUM’ has been selected for the Park City Film Music Festival 2012  -  for use of original music in a short film. Screenings Additional screening on 'award winners day' sunday 3rd june 12.20pm Prospector 3  poster